Our Japanese Washi paper comes from Kuramae Company in Osaka, Japan.

From Japanese old times block patterns have been almost used the color printing by hands on Japanese Washi paper, such as “Ukiyoe”. The “Yuzen paper” started in Japanese market from 1950’s for the printing by hands with paper patterns.

Yuzen Sai Miyazaki, Japanese famous painter invented the printing techniques in 1700’s and it is called later “Yuzen Some” on Kimono. Yuzen paper have been adopted the same technique as “Yuzen Some”.

Yuzen paper do not discolor as the ink raw material is pigment and have been made by the same technique as Yuzen dyeing process of the hand-printing. The Japanese Washi paper used for Yuzen paper is made not likely to get wrinkles after the paste.is dried by using box and book covering as well as interior decorations and various motifs.

The process of each color making by hands to make design:
1.One of the designs in various colors for Yuzen paper is prepared and screen type pattern is necessary to make one pattern for one color. For instance six color assorted design is necessary for six patterns.
2. The Yuzen paper is used carefully selected white handmade or semi auto machine made Japanese Washi paper, especially suitable for the quality stated above.
3.The various color pigments are mixed to make the suitable colors necessary for the design that the correct color preparations are made by Japanese experienced craftsmen.

The process of production:
1. The first color design pattern is put on Japanese Washi paper and the color pigment is precisely rubbed with paddle by the experienced craftsmen.
2. In accordance with the each color assortment for the one design, it is put in order precisely to make up the one design. When one color is put, dry time is necessary until the following color is put The dry time influences for humidity and climate when it is made.

The each process of production is done by our experienced craftsmen.

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